This is actually quite old, but I just found the photo

When we knew that we were expecting my nephew, I remembered the Mister Men mobiles that Mom had made for us when we were kids.  I decided to try something different, and this was the result.


The basic shape for each animal was the same, with differences in the ears, faces, tails and patches.

Once the basic shape had been cut out of felt, I then cut the patches/details and glued them on with craft glue.  Once dry, I sewed around the internal edges of the patches/details in an approximately matched thread, and also sewed the front and back of the animal together (where there was matching patches – which I tried to do fairly consistently) so that there was only a single row of stitching.  I used blanket stitch for all of the seams as this gave a slightly ragged look to the edges of the patches/details, and I have found that this is the most durable type of hand-stitching for toys.

I stuffed the bodies with about a tablespoon worth of fibre, to bulk the shapes out a bit and then sewed fishing nylon through the tops.

I can’t remember what the dowel measurements were, but it was a very light, soft wood, so it was really easy to cut with scissors.  I had to put a dob of glue on the knots to keep the twine from sliding once made.

They seem to be pretty durable – I made them 2 years ago, and they now have been disassembled from the mobile and now feature in the toy-box, where they are all still in one piece.


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