Birthdays 2014/2015

I am called upon by The Squid (my daughter) to make exciting cakes for her birthday parties.

Last year it was a dalek (you should be seeing a theme here – cyberman dress-up costume, dalek cake).


The dalek was a massive undertaking, involving three vanilla pound cakes and vast quantities of buttercream icing.  The process of making all the pound cakes destroyed my electric beater (I think it burnt out one of the connections, but I haven’t been able to identify which one, so it remains working only on turbo).

I wasn’t happy with the way the eye-stalk and the whisk appendage worked out.  The plunger appendage also ended up being too long, but all in all, she was delighted – which is what matters in the end I guess.

This year she wanted a companion cube.  In terms of size, this was substantially smaller, and considerably easier.


The most difficult part was making the elevated panels.  I tried piping the icing, but it was too hard to keep the edges straight.  However, but an outstanding twist of good fortune, I noticed the box of portal cookie cutters in the cupboard, which just happened to be contoured to look like a companion cube – the inside of the lid proved to be a perfect mould for white chocolate.  Success!  Happy child.  Less stressed me!


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