Bunny Hats

Inspired by the awesomeness that is in Choly Knight’s Sew Kawaii and Sew Baby patterns, I had a go at this hat for my niece.

The patterns at the back of the book need to be enlarged by 250%, but as I did not have a photocopier, I did my best to transcribe the pieces.

The result was extremely satisfactory (especially for my first attempt at anything even remotely resembling applique), although it did not fit my niece, and was commandeered by the Squid, who wore it to bed every night for a week!  She wouldn’t allow me to add the photograph with her wearing it though.

I tried a repeat with a smaller size for my niece, and incidentally, a thicker plush fabric.  I found that this attempt did not work as well: the thicker fabric meant that my machine struggled to get through the 3 layers of fabric in the band, the hat was generally too tight, and the applique was not as neat.

I get a bit bored with making the same thing twice as well, which might also have had something to do with it.

My niece still liked it well enough, and spent the day running around pretending to be a rabbit.


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