Gir: Making Boring Clothes Better

So things happened at work – apparently my clothing choices aren’t so high on the professional side.  Which I accept.  But professional clothes are so boring!

I hunted around and found a skirt that I didn’t completely hate.  But it was still really quite ugly.

So Gir!


My first really proper attempt at applique. I’m still not entirely sure how to deal with the loose ends, as I couldn’t cut things close enough to get them perfectly neat.

I found this double sided interfacing (Ez-Steam II), which is all kinds of awesome (one side is sticky, the other is iron-on).  This made the whole process so much easier.

Unfortunately, the skirt is linen, and I didn’t wash it before I applique’d I am worried that it will shrink if I do wash it… which is a problem.  I haven’t washed it yet, but I will have to do so eventually.




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