This involved a lot of making (and unmaking).  Here are a few of my favourites.

Making first: Fantastic mask to use near a fantastic landmark. The photograph is pretty poor quality because it is a still from a video.


Bathroom fun: After this, I had to make a dress for a formal occasion, from materials only found in my bathroom:

Skirt: strips of toilet paper stuck together using sticking plasters, then pleated using floss.

Top: a deconstructed shower puff, lined with toilet paper and waist detail from make up removal pads.

Gloves & necklace are fairly self explanatory.

Tiara: constructed entirely from cotton buds.

Shoes: these were the most difficult – made from toilet rolls (heels and soles) and shower caps (upper) and decorated with pieces of a second shower puff.

The only adhesive used was sticking plasters, which were used to hold everything together.


Destruction of a pair of pointe-shoes that I had held onto for sentimental reasons for over 15 years.

Salt and burn!


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