I have a friend who collects plushies.  He has a LOT of plushies, but he doesn’t have a manatee.  I like manatees. I also like making plushies.

This seemed like a recipe for joy and happiness.

I haven’t made any plushies for quite some time, and I discovered that my pattern making skills were a little worse for lack of wear.

This picture (with the Squid blanked out at her request) shows the first attempt.

With manatee blanked

The body is disproportionately short, the head angle is too sharp and filling the flippers and tail with beans was not the best of ideas, as it added too much weight and created deformations.

Substantial post-stuffing modifications were necessary, and the second iteration showed sufficient improvement that I could give it to the intended recipient.  A shortened body, wider angle between body and head, reduced muzzle length and unstuffed flippers helped make a manatee that looked a little more acceptable.

The Squid seemed to enjoy being the owner of a deformed manatee, as she spent the next few weeks cuddling it at night – before it joined the rest of her soft toys on the floor.


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