Upcycled Sock/Warmers

My family decided to do a Secret Santa this year – and the letter that I had to work with was “A” – the sister that related to is an endurance athlete who does a lot of cycle training.

So arm warmers it was.

I wanted to make sure that there was no specialness (aero-twisty-compression-muscle stuff) needed in arm warmers for cycling/running – and she assured me that a tube with elastic was adequate.

Doctor Google provided a huge range of suggested methods, and I went shopping for fabric, thinking that this would be the best way forward.

But I wanted to make something awesome and unique, and I just wasn’t getting inspired from the fabric that was available.  I wanted to use some of this stuff…


But realised that no cyclist is going to want rainbow sparkles or glittery scales on their arms when they’re out cycling for 6-8 hours in glaring hot sun.  So I settled for lurid, but deeply uninspiring colours.

Until I saw this instructible, and this one.  After searching my long sock drawer (I have a LOT of knee high socks) for a pair that was awesome, but not a gift from someone, worn out or a personal favourite, I found a pair that I actually loved, but couldn’t wear because my legs stretched the image out too much, making it really quite ungood for socks, but perfect for arm-warmers.


I played around with both ideas for a bit, and decided that the second method (hand emerges from foot) worked better in this case, as the elastic around the top would hold her upper arms nicely (assuming that her arms were approximately the same size as mine).

Initially I was planning on doing the whole thing by hand, but decided to zigzag all the cut edges by machine, and then stitch the hems & seams by hand.  I felt that going around the cut end twice using basic zigzag would prevent any laddering, but it tended to stretch the fabric too much for me to use this for the hem.

Hand stitching, on the other hand, reduced the stretching, but wasn’t as secure when it came to preventing unraveling/laddering.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with how they worked out.  It probably won’t be any secret to my sister who they are from, but at least they are wickedly geeky!

I don’t know what to do with the ghastly fabric I got though…

Guess I’ll find something to do with it later.



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