Minecrafting Cushions

It was TeddyBear’s birthday last week – so to make his couch less boring, I made him these to go with the life sized Teddy Bear Avatar.

I may have to make some more with animal faces – but there are many projects yet to complete before that is possible.

These were a pretty straightforward project.

First, I made an inner cushion, so that the covers could be washed.  This was just a 40x40cm square of leftover cotton fabric stuffed fairly full of dacron stuffing.

The covers were made from coloured corduroy.  I chose corduroy as it was the right colour (this was surprisingly hard for the creeper), relatively soft, and also hard-wearing.  The facial features were made from quilting cotton (it just comes as fat quarters from spotlight).

I used the same dimensions for the covers as I did the inners and the 40×40 becomes clearer.  The Enderman head uses the same pattern as the avatar skins, with an 8×8 structure, with the eyes being placed at 5 down (something I was surprised about), while the creeper is designed with a 10×10 head, so I needed something that both numbers could be factored into.

This means that the Enderman eyes needed to be 5 high by 15 wide, with a 5×5 purple square in the middle.  I stuffed this up the first time and did it all in 8s, but at least you can cut things down… up would have been a bit harder.

To get the creeper face correct, I first cut out the eyes (8x8cm) and then used the eyes to help block the mouth which needed to be 8×16 cm for the main part, with the bottom pieces 4x4cm and the top bump 4×8 cm.  TeddyBear’s cool ruler gadget was quite handy for this! I could have really used one of these for the life sized teddy bear, and I am SO getting one for myself!


Patchwork Ruler image from Hobby Craft website:

The Ez-Steam II stuff was invaluable here too!  I’ve nearly run out, and will be buying some more of this when I next go shopping also.

I often don’t bother with the ironing part of sticking the applique pieces on, as I find that it sticks well enough to fur without ironing (and I’m reluctant to iron fur because I don’t want to damage it.  But I needed to iron the creeper’s face.

Sewing the bits on was fine, although I had to do each seam twice – I still haven’t quite got the seam length correct for this.

In the process, my machine started making really horrifying noises.  So I had to stop and pull all the outer panels off to find out what was going on.  I found the point of stickiness and hunted through the manual for information about where best to oil it.  Of course the manual only told me about the bobbin case… so that was unhelpful – as were the Youtube videos – especially the one where the guy shows you exactly where to oil the bobbin case, with his hand in the way so that you can’t see it at all!  Eventually, I approached it from the “little bit of oil on a moving joint, move the crank, does it still stick?” approach.  The machine sews like a DREAM now!  Like really… it feels like an entirely new machine!

Anyway – finishing: I put the zip on the side of the head, as this was where the selvedge was, and I am a fan of using the selvedge to make things tougher.  Then sewed the top and bottom seams.  I also sewed a short distance along the side seam at the top and bottom to keep the zip better hidden, and also provide some strength to the end of the zip, as the zips that I bought were too long, so I had to shorten them via sewing across the zip.

In conclusion – TeddyBear seems to like the cushions, and I’m pretty stoked with how they worked too.


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