Some Witty Bits of Knitting

So, a few years back, I shaved my head.

In May (which is the beginning of winter here in NZ).  In preparation, I bought a bunch of woolly hats.  My favourite hat was this one:


It was a pretty simple concept – a hat that was basically a rectangle, with a face on it, that when you put it on was stretched in such a way that it looked like it had ears.

So, the knitting part was easy…

I generally used 8ply wool & 4-5mm needles (depending on the size of the hat I wanted to make – for an adult you want it to be about 25cm across)


  • Cast on 36 stitches (again, you can vary this for the type of wool and needle size).
  • Knit 6 rows of rib (knit 1, purl 1 – alternatively, if you have thinner wool, k2, p2 works quite well)
  • Change to stocking stitch and knit until you have 30cm of stocking stitch.
  • Change back to rib (6 rows)
  • Cast off.

Fold the knitted rectangle in half and sew up the side seams using ladder stitch.

The next part is the fun part.  Decorating the hat.

I tended to use felt pieces and hot glue as these were easy and quick, but equally, embroidery or a combination of felt and embroidery are also effective.  You can basically make any kind of face that you want, and kids totally love them.

Here are two examples of these hats (lying flat and then being worn):

You can really do whatever takes your fancy, or the fancy of the kids that you’re making them for.

I actually made a bunch of this type of hat about a year back and sent them on to Starship for the cancer kids (if you want to do this yourself, you can make any sort of woolly hat and send them to:

Starship Foundation

P O Box 9389

New Market,

Auckland 1149


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