Revenge of the Periwinkle*

*Euphemism provided by Feministing.

One of the side effects of having a Mirena placed is that your uterus then goes on an approximately three month long passive aggressive low-level revenge bleed.  Although this is not particularly messy (for the most part, it’s much lighter than a normal period), it does require substantially more liners than one would usually utilise in a normal period.

I’ve been using cloth pads for several years now, as they are more environmentally friendly and they also tend to be less irritating than the store bought contraptions (they’re less crackly too – I hate having plastic in my pants!).  However, my collection has been optimised to my standard period and did not include nearly enough liners to cope with this onslaught.  I hunted out the online stores that I bought my original collection from, and discovered that a number of them had closed, which was disappointing.  However, the construction seemed pretty straightforward and I have a sewing machine, and a stash which includes leftover flannelette – so I figured, what could possibly go wrong?

And for once, very little, was the answer!

I used one of my existing pads for a template, which was essentially a rectangle with curved corners that is approximately 15omm x 200mm, and did my best to cut pieces of the correct shape out of the flannelette that I had left over from the Jedi Pants. Unfortunately, most of the scraps that I had weren’t quite the right width, but I was able to cut out some half pieces and sew them together to make up the full shape for each pad.20161210_225441

Each pad required two pieces cut using the template, and a third rectangle, about 70mm in width, that runs the full length down the centre of the pad (if this was for a full pad, I would use additional layers including a layer of toweling as the triple flannelette layer is really just absorbent enough for spotting).

After that, it’s all pretty easy – just placing all three layers in the correct spot, pinning them in place and stitching around the edges, and then down either side of the insert. I then tidied the edges using the overlocker – all of the stitching is on the outside, there are no hidden seams.

The final step was to add the snaps.  I originally bought plastic snaps, as these are more likely to cope with the abuse resulting from soaking and cleaning the pads.  However, apparently these require a special punch that doesn’t come with the snaps!  And this lovely punch costs about $30.  So I ended up going with the standard metal snaps that I already had in my stash, as they come with a punch in the kit!

The main thing that you need to consider is making sure that the snaps are in the right orientation – you want them to snap together around the crotch of your undies!


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