Oreo Shake (Sans Dairy)!

This is just a short filler, as I have been caught up with mending mostly lately, and haven’t had a chance to make anything really cool fabric-wise.

I am lactose intolerant (Yes JP Sears, I know, but I am actually more like Leonard from Big Bang Theory).  Which means that I can’t have the Denny’s Oreo Shake… which makes me really quite sad, as I adore shakes of pretty much any flavour – and that one looks delicious!

A friend kindly pointed out to me that I could just make my own… sometimes it takes someone to state the obvious.


  • 4 oreos (and an old chocolate chip cookie too, just because)
  • Several spoonfuls of Little Island coconut ice cream – this is the BEST dairy free ice-cream in NZ (I used chocolate because that was all I had, but I think that vanilla would work well also).
  • A slosh of Almond milk (I hate soy) – I actually put a wee bit much in this time, I would increase the ice-cream and reduce the milk next time).

Mix it up using whatever shake making device you have – we have an old Moulinex from when the squid was a baby (incidentally – the squid is currently obsessed with Undertale, so the name of this entry is for her benefit).

And serve!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The only thing that would make it better, was if there was more of it – and if I could find some form of dairy free cream (that isn’t that horrid stuff that they make with icing sugar).


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